Technology Requirement

Because this is a web-based course, it is expected that all students who enroll in the course have internet access and a basic understanding of computer use (e.g., using e-mail, sending attachments via e-mail, using web browsers, and using word processing software such as Microsoft Word).  Also, it is expected that all students will regularly check their e-mail accounts for changes or updates to course. Within 48 hours is recommended.  This is the PRIMARY method that the college will utilize to contact students. Most technical issues can be solved quickly by sending an email to the tech support team if needed.

Recommended Specs for Desktop or Laptop Computer:

Intel Core 2 Duo — or AMD — 3 GHz processor or higher

3 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended)

Broadband: (LAN, Cable, or DSL) connection is highly recommended for optimal student experience.

Satellite and/or Cellular (4G) may also be used.

Windows 10(recommended)

Windows OS Users - Microsoft Internet Explorer or Chrome

MAC OS Users - Chrome

Pop-Up Blocker should be disabled

Java Script should be enabled

Java should be enabled

Cookies should be enabled

Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Acrobat Reader