Ministerial Introduction (C.MI166)

Course Description
The Ministerial Introduction course is the first step toward getting your ministerial license with the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. It is an Informative and enjoyable course of study that will help equip you for reigning in the area of ministry in which God has called you. 

This three month course is divided into the following sections:
I. Basic Doctrine: An in-depth examination of the basic tenets of the Apostolic faith as revealed in the writings of  the Old & New Testaments of the Holy Bible.
II. Bible Introduction: A general review of the Old & New Testaments.
III. Your Organization: A comprehensive view of the history and operation of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the world, Inc. 
IV. Ministerial Ethics & Etiquette

This survey course is designed to introduce the students to the tenets of the Apostolic faith, basic preparation for the call of ministry, and the organizational structure of the P.A. W. Successful completion of this class is required for all candidates seeking a general license with the P.A.W.

Course Objectives:
*Biblically define ministry and what it means to be a minister.
*Differentiate between the role, gift, call, and offices of ministry.
*Recognize and understand the Biblical, social, and secular expectations and requirements when ministering in various local church bodies
*Know the significance of Biblical and ministerial credentials and credibility
*Apply basic Bible knowledge and the fundamental principles of the Apostolic doctrine to all aspects of ministry.
*Understand the process, procedures, and requirements of licensing with the P.A.W.
* General principles of ministerial ethics and etiquette 

Required Textbooks

1. You and Your Bible (YYB) – Need to purchase electronic or paperback book from Evangelical Training Association (ETA) or from Online bookstore (AMAZON)

Purchase Book and

URL Options :

Amazon ISBN 1-910566-12-7 (click or copy and paste link below )

(link) :

2. Apostolic Primer (AP) – by Aaron Smith – (Provided in PDF in this online course)

3. Fundamentals of the Apostolic Faith (FAF)  – by Francis Smith - (Provided in PDF in this online course)

4. Excerpts from the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (P.A.W.) Minute Book (PAW) (Provided in PDF in this online course)

5. Ministerial Ethics and Etiquette – Nolan B. Harmon (Need to Purchase book) – E Book is available.
 ISBN-10: 9780687270347

(Click Here to Purchase Book From Amazon)

** All  books can be also be ordered from the PAW store website except Ministerial Ethics and Etiquette (


PAW National License Prerequisite

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